Regions of New Hampshire

New Hampshire is segmented into seven regions:

North Woods – With many glacial lakes, this area is perfect for those who enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer.

White Mountains – The majority of New Hampshire’s 48 peaks that exceed 4,000 feet are located here. There are many winter sports available in this region, from downhill skiing to snowmobiling & more.

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Lakes Region – If you enjoy being around water, the Lakes Region is for you with its more than 250 lakes and ponds, including the largest lake in New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee. In addition to the lakes, the region also has mountains for hiking and hosts some of the best in outdoor activities while still being 45 minutes from Manchester, an hour and fifteen to the beaches, and an hour from the White Mountains. The Lakes Region Porcupines came to fruition about 7 years ago and immediately set out to become a liberty organization that strives to give back to the area. Many members have taken it upon themselves to advance liberty by becoming one with the locals. One member provides emergency amateur radio communications. Another member runs a blood drive. The group has run a litter pickup on Route 3 during the warmer seasons for five years. Last year they hosted the first Lakes Region Porcupines Beach Day cookout and fundraiser for Center Harbor Food Pantry. For two years, they have gathered toys for the LRP Toy Drive, serving 40+ families and raising over $2,000. The group’s hard work has paid off, with three of their members becoming state representatives. The future of the group is bright, with more members joining all the time.

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The Upper Valley Region – Well known for New Hampshire own Ivy League college, this region also features the beauty of Lake Sunapee. Hanover is the regional hub for dining, shopping, and cultural events. The Upper Valley culture is defined by those who enjoy beautiful open spaces along with the conveniences of living in the Dartmouth area. Even the area’s largest “city” of Lebanon, with its medical center and strip malls, feels like a small town. Local Liberty Tuesday meetups have been taking place for nine years and currently attract about 20 people to enjoy a monthly dinner. Bardo Farm in Croydon is a well- known, free-stater-owned business and meetup space. The rural Grafton area has been home to a number of friendly free staters since the early days of the project.

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Monadnock Region – Nestled in the southwest corner of the state, this region is the quintessentially New England. Keene is a well-known college town and is home to many cafes and shops. It is a relatively small city that has been ground zero for some of the most headline-generating activism in FSP history. Activists here are known for Robin Hooding (filling expired parking meters and foiling the enforcers), public cannabis smoking, and topless open carry. Keene porcupines host Social Sunday, the longest-running weekly liberty gathering in the state. Keene is also the liberty media capitol of the world with multiple radio shows, an international radio network (LRN.FM), video, blogs, and a newspaper. Keene has been the home to both of the founders of Cop Block, which has become an international phenomenon.

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Merrimack Valley – Home to the three biggest cities (Concord, Manchester, & Nashua), this region is New Hampshire’s commercial and cultural hub. Merrimack Valley is home to the largest and most active concentration of Free Staters in New Hampshire. Each month is packed with activities that provide a chance to socialize, volunteer, learn and promote liberty. Some of these events draw activists from all over the state, who come to connect with new movers and reconnect with old friends. The decade-old MVP (Merrimack Valley Porcupines) meetup is a monthly gathering for folks in the area passionate about liberty. MVP is an announcement launch pad for movers and shakers in the FSP and the greater liberty movement. Nashua is New Hampshire’s second largest city, but it maintains a small town feel. The Nashua liberty community is made of up friendly, dedicated people in the city and in many of the surrounding towns. Area porcupines have run for office, volunteered on campaigns, coordinated statewide liberty gatherings, served on the board of the NHLA, introduced countless people to safe firearms handling, and more. Nashua liberty social events bring like- minded people together in celebration of family and friendship, helping to prevent activist burnout and inspire more work for freedom.

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Seacoast – The Seacoast is home to quaint coastal towns and several public beaches. The Seacoast (or Freecoast) offers the highest population density of any region of New Hampshire. It functions as a “network city” composed of several historic urban nodes – Portsmouth, Dover, Durham, Newmarket, Exeter, Hampton, et al. From pristine beaches to fine dining to cutting-edge startups, the Seacoast is the place for libertarians seeking a cosmopolitan life in the freest of states. Freecoasters gather regularly to keep in touch and to welcome new movers and interested locals into the community. They also have regular potluck events around the major holidays. The Freecoast is home to The Praxeum, a unique flexible-use space centered on liberty. It is an incubator for new companies, an art studio, an unschooling classroom, a meditative retreat, and much more.

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Special thanks to The Free Stater, Issue 4, Winter 2016, for allowing us to reprint much of their article on New Hampshire’s regions.